Taking a Flying Leap



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Today is the first day without the net of a salaried paycheck.  My choice.  My chance.  Exhilarating; defined as “causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness . . . invigorating, vitalizing, breathtaking”.  What comes to mind next is one of my favorite lines from the 1998 movie Working Girl.

Oren Trask: You’ve got a real fire in your belly.  Or was this just a one-time stunt that you pulled?

Tess McGill: I’m not quite sure what you mean, sir.  I’ve got something in my belly, but I think it’s nervous knots.

Let the River Run by Carly Simon – theme song for Working Girl.  Whenever it is time for a major change in my life this song invades my consciousness.  On TV, the movie appears on the schedule guide incessantly until I give in and watch it for the hundredth time.  I walk through a store and it pours out of the speakers while I’m there.  A (former) coworker asks for a song we each connect with strongly as a team building event and this pops into mind.

Breathe . . . Smile . . . “It’s asking for the taking . . .  Let all the dreamers wake . . .”  


Oh God!


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“A cosmos without known cause or fate is an intellectual
prison; we long to believe that the great drama has a just author and a noble end,” (Durant, 1929).

Mention the word religion in a group with diverse beliefs and its purpose appears to be to causes strife, argument, and division.  Vilified as a prison, or even opium for the weak; religion is also heralded as the wisdom of the ages, a path to eternity, a worldview of hope.  A quick search provides several opinions.

  • To explain the unknown.  (wiki.answers.com)
  • Relate humanity to spirituality and moral values. (Religion)
  • “ . . . to guide, educate, and enlighten people.” (Noona, 2007)
  • “The moral virtue by which a person is disposed to render to God the worship and service he deserves.  . . . Religion thus corresponds to the practice of piety toward God as Creator of the universe. (Etym. probably Latin religare, to tie, fasten, bind, or relegere, to gather up, treat with care.)  (Religion)

I went through a time trying to distance myself with the term “Religion”.
I wanted to be “Spiritual” instead.  But, in order to live and learn
in relationship with like-minded people I find myself inevitably back in a “religion”.

I have contented myself with the definition that spiritual beliefs are private to an individual.  Religion is the public organizational structure that naturally occurs when associating with like-minded individuals.  Activities develop into a cultural tradition.  These steps of enlightenment on a particular spiritual path are then canonized into a “religion”.

“It is not the fundamentals of the religions that cause bigotry and warfare, but the superstitions and human interpretations.”
(Inge Grunwaldt, 2008)

Taking the High Road.

             “The idea of God is the most influential idea in the world.” (Mortimer J. Adler) Three concepts differentiate the five basic religious views.  Concept of God.  Concept of salvation.  Concept of heaven/afterlife.

The following links are part of the collective discussion via video.  I include them for their contribution to this discussion.  Any comments found with them outside this blog are outside of my control.

History of Religion in 2 minutes
See also: http://www.mapsofwar.com/ind/history-of-religion.html

Introduction to World Religions

Religion Family Tree

Culture and Religion Around the World

Why do you believe your religion is the true one?

Feel free to join a discussion based on the following questions.  Please use respectful language in your post.

  • How do you personally explain your religious viewpoint so someone with another belief system?
  • Which group or belief system would you find hardest to relate to/tolerate, and why?

Jubilee Prayer



Jehovah my God! Creator of heaven and earth.

Unite my soul with your divine wisdom.

Bless my soul. Protect me with your unfailing love.

Illuminate your image in me and guide me in your will.

Let your blessings of love and laughter flow through me.

Expand my vision of your awesome power and glory.

Engage me – Your beloved – as your kingdom comes.

Put your signature on my life. Let me rise & shine for your glory.